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my 7 month old cocker spaniel is great when iam at home but when i go to work he will not come out of his crate for my wife or daughter this means going long periods without relieving his self my wife tried to pull him out by his collar till he started to growl he wont come out even if you drop cooked chicken outside his crate and when he has come out which is rare my wife took him out he pulled   her round the block not stopping to smell or relieve his self just rushed back home to go back in his crate  suggestions would be great thank you my wife wants him to go

A few questions.
You say he's fine when you're home.  Does that mean he interacts with your family or just you?
Where does he sleep?
Who feeds him?
Who usually walks him?  (I'd try walking him together just to see what happens)
Have you tried removing the crate?

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