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I have an 8 year old sprocker bitch, spayed. She belonged to my partner, who has been in nursing care the past 3 years. I think she's very much a man's dog. She gravitates to men and is very subservient to them. She never bit my partner despite his haphazard behaviour to her (he suffers dementia). I have worked hard to give her structure and certainty in her life.

Last Sunday she bit me for the third time in as many years. I am thinking of euthanasia, although I do love her. Most of the time she is loving and likes to cuddle. She is excitable, nervous and disobedient though.

The times she has bitten me I am trying to deal with bad behaviour, twice barking in the night and attempting to put her in her crate.

Can you help and advise please?

Hi Pat,
I have questions.
1.  When you say she bit you - is this a nip, a slight bite or did she break skin?
2.  You say this happens when you're trying to deal with bad behavior.  Precisely what are you doing?  Any time of day this behavior happens?
3.  Where does she sleep?
4.  How much exercise does she get?

I have many ideas on how to solve this but would like a full description first.

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