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QUESTION: Our 7 year old cocker spaniel female has always had skin and ear issues. She gets the red bumpy itchy stomach and inside her armpits and inside her legs. Her ears have been on again off again yeasty smelling and gunky. She has seen quite a few veterinarians, they give her medications and everything usually comes back after a while what should we do? We have changed her dog food quite a few times she is currently on a grain-free diet duck and potato. We have stopped giving her any table scraps and I'm only giving her a cup and a half of her dog food every day. I really don't like giving her the prednisone. She has had all the normal medications for her ears and her itchy skin. Any other ideas you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

ANSWER: It's only a 5% chance this is a food allergy.

Has the vet done any cytology?  Is it yeast or bacterial or both?

Have you tried antihistimines?

How often do you bath her?

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QUESTION: Yes vet has said ears are always treated with meds. Benadryl and claritin of no relief.bathe occasionally with ketoseb. Gets groomed every 5 blood work or allergy testing yet. Expensive.

ANSWER: Okay.  I'd like you to try Zyrtec (plain - no "D" as in decongestant).  Look at the lable - it should have one ingredient only "Ceterizine".  One 10mg. tablet daily.

Benadryl hardly ever works but you usually have to try one at a time for a week before giving it up.  It's usually last on the list.  Claritin is sometimes effective.

A couple more questions:
Are her paws bothering her?
Is she very itchy?
Does this come and go?
What do you use to clean her ears?
Is she shedding fur?  Any dandruff?

If I ask you to give her a special "soak" daily for a few days, will you, can you do that?

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QUESTION: Right now she occasionally itches. We have stopped giving her table food which she was used to. Yes we could bathe her occasionally during the week, my husband would do that. I will try the Zyrtec next. She does biting her paws in the front once in awhile. We were using a product called Eco ears that we got online. Was cheaper then what the vet gave us some time ago.recently got a prescription for Triz Ultra + Keto flush to clean the ears. We just bought a product from our groomer called Banixx it's for bacterial and fungal infections, it's a spray. At the moment her skin on her belly and arms and legs is not as bad as it has gotten other times. Thank you so much for your help this far. I have attached one picture that I have of her belly I do have more if you want to see them. The picture show her rash at its worst a few months ago.

Okay.  First - start the Zyrtec.

I think this is yeast overgrowth and the simplest thing to try is a half water/half plan white vinegar 1 minute soak daily for 3 days. (Much faster & easier than a bath - takes a few minutes.  Don't towel or use a hair dryer - let her dry naturally.

If you have a guest bathtub - fill it up so it covers her past her tummy.  Buy 3 or 4 large bottles of plain white vinegar and pour it all in.  Just leave it there for the 3 days.

You may be thinking this is nuts.  But it kills yeast since it can't survive an acetic environment.  It'll stop the itching immediately.  And will identify her problem one way or another.

Don't worry about the smell - it dissipates very quickly.

You can also clean her ears with half & half if it's yeast.

This can't hurt and will tell us a lot.  My own boy has horrid yeast in his paws when he's in Florida.  I soak his paws every day for 3 days then taper off.

By 3 days the Zyrtec should kick in too.

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