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I've just come across your site.  We have two English Cocker sisters who are now 6mths. old.  They are adorable, happy to be trained, eager to please and very lovable, in fact, they are everything we could wish for. (They are our 3rd and 4th Cockers, so we are used to the breed.  Unfortunately they are getting me up at between 5.30am - 6am every morning to go out to pee etc.  They understand that they do their business outside, and sometimes one of them cannot hold it and there is a puddle in the kitchen.  I do not scold them, but always praise when they go outside.  I feel it is a matter of time to allow their bladders to mature, but am I right??  I am going to bed at 9.30pm to get my sleep, and would like my evenings back, (so would my husband!!)  Any tips etc. would be gratefully received.
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This made me laugh because, like you, I've created the same problem.

A couple of questions:
Where do they sleep?
Are you "taking" them out before bedtime and making sure they've urinated?
How are they getting you up? (Barking - jumping - pawing you - what?)
Do you feed them when you first get up?

We're both going to have to reverse this situation a bit gradually.

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