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QUESTION: I didn't understand your last follow-up comment. What did you mean fill up the bathtub for three days? Also did you look at the pictures of Bella's tummy? Thank you.

ANSWER: If you have a guest bathtub that isn't in use - leaving it full of water & vinegar will save you from having to fill it up again.  Or buy a kiddy pool or some large "container" that you can use outside.

Yes, I saw Bella's tummy.  It's a typical "rash".  Hopefully you've started the Zyrtec and the soaks.

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QUESTION: I bought the walgreens generic wal-zyr 10mg. tablets yesterday. cheaper. has ceterizine hci..10mg.  and bought  white vinegar.  starting all today,.  wish me luck??  ears are red and gunky,,use vinegar in them to clean too right?  thanks again Michelle.  wish we could talk other than this cocker spaniels like you do!

One tablet per day.

Half water/half vinegar to clean ears.

When cleaning ears - be sure not to put tip of applicator down the ear canal...keep it slightly above the opening.  Is she scratching her ears?

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