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Cocker Lover wrote at 2012-12-28 00:23:51
Hello! Not everyone who has an intact female is trying to breed her. Our daughter is involved in junior showmanship and showing in the conformation ring requires an intact female. Don't assume everyone is out there trying to start a puppy mill who asks a simple question.

Rachel wrote at 2013-04-08 23:44:02
An Incredibly rude response! I too have a young spaniel in her first heat. We have been advised to wait until after her first 'season' to get speyed but are apprehensive when taking her out off the lead. The fact that you are asking questions shows that you are a responsible owner, how else are you supposed to learn? There is no shame in seeking the guidance of others no matter 'how basic' your queries may be. For people to suggest otherwise is frankly quite pretentious.

Miffed wrote at 2014-04-01 17:42:55
I agree.  I have been a responsible animal owner and lover for over 30 years.  My cat lived to 18 years of age and I have numerous dogs over the years.  The reason for researching online about heat cycle is because I don't remember all details and trying to figure out when to schedule my dogs spay.  I feel that the answer about irresponsibility of animal owners uncalled for and lacked insight.  

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Since nobody with Cocker Spaniel experience has signed up, I will do my best using my general knowledge of dogs. I have experience and training through my volunteer work with a large dog guide school in modern, proven methods. The service dog schools have acquired a wealth of knowledge about raising well behaved, healthy dogs with long, active lives. They do not share it with the general public, but pass on the best of it to those like me that raise puppies for them. I am part of a group that has raised dogs for 6 different service dog schools. We meet monthly and share information.

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