QUESTION: If you could recommend one set of glasses to have in the home for cocktails, what type would you recommend?  Here's a link of different types og glasses"

ANSWER: John.  In order to answer your question to the best of your requirements, I would need to know what kind of drinker you are.  
If you are a beer drinker, then you would need pilsner glasses,
If you are a cocktail drinker, then you would need cocktail glasses.
If you are a brandy drinker/sipper, then go for snifters.
If you are a shooter, than I would stock up on shot glasses.
'Ritas should be served in 'Rita glasses.
White wine requires on type and red wine should be served in a different glass.
If, by cocktails, you are drinking say bourbon and water, or any of the "and" drinks,
then I would use the "old fashioned" glass, or even the rocks glass, both of which have more uses than just the name. If you are drinking the "Collins" family of drinks, then by all means use the taller Collins glass or tumbler. Long Island Ice teas are served in the ice tea glass.

So, it depends on what you, your family and friends like.
Let me know if I can be more specific, Please

Have a great Year

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QUESTION: I DRINK MOSTLY COCKTAILS, but there are several different kinds of cocktail glasses available, right?  What's the traditional?

What are the low-ball glasses generally used for and what does an original one look like?


Cocktail glasses come in four different basic types:
First, there are the glasses known as rocks glasses, also known as tumblers. These glasses are usually short and broad glasses, with straight or slightly sloping sides. They normally hold about 125ml and are used for spirits with ice, fruit juices and short drinks.

Second, there is the highball glass. These glasses are usually of medium width, and are tall with straight or slightly sloping sides. They normally hold between 200 and 300ml and are used for long drinks with ice.

Third, the champagne glasses, are of two different kind. The most common, the champagne flute, is a tall and narrow glass with a stem. Champagne flutes have thin-glassed sides, and the long, tapering sides can curve both inward and outward. A champagne flute holds approximately 150ml. The second type of champagne glass is the less-known champagne saucer. The champagne saucer is a broad and shallow glass with a stem. The broadness and shallowness of the glass make the champagne loose its fizz quickly, and the glass is therefore less popular than it once was. It is still, however, in use, and such cocktails as the Margarita use exclusively such glasses.

Fourth is the group known as cocktail glasses. These are the classic cocktail glasses; stemmed and with sharply sloping sides, making it Y-shaped when seen from the side. The classic cocktail glass holds about 90ml and is best suited for short, strong drinks.  


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