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Margarita & some other cocktails selling in 10fL.OZ flexible pouch pack I read following.
It is with Natural flavor & Artificially colored & contain FD & C yellow #5.
I need your guide line in following area.
(1) Is it true that manufacturer using natural flavor & color to bring down cost low?

(2) Some manufacturer (pouch pack cocktail manufacturer)are saying that they are not using preservatives during manufacturing.Then how this cocktail remain fresh in pouch without using preservative?

(3) Is there any different method to make cocktail if we use natural flavor & color?if yes then give example of any one cocktail.
(4) Generally in bar where cocktail made fresh what materials they are using?I mean  ready cocktail mixes or ready dry powder mix? Which are the best?


1)  The FDA requires certain ingredients to ensure product safety. The reason? establishment goal of more money.

2)The pouch has a"use best by date" and it is sealed against contamination.

3) cocktails ('rita's, Bloody Mary's, most cocktails) use fresh made daily ingredients.  "Rita's generally contain a sweet and sour mixture, made daily from a package dry mix.  Good bartenders make their mix from scratch, that way it is always fresh every day. Same with Bloody Mary's and other mixed drinks. When I was bartending, I made my S & S every morning when I went to work. Same with my bloody mary mix.(Which by the way is an award winner).

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