Had a couple of friends for dinner and I opened a bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry after our food.
This was the first time I had sherry though I'm a regular wine drinker. It was love at first sight ( or rather sip).
But truthfully, I have very little knowledge of this particular drink other than that it is fortified wine.
My question is... Is it only an aperitif or can it be had after food as well?  



Winemaker's Notes
The original cream sherry - a unique blend of classic old Oloroso wines, fine Amontillados, and high quality sweet wines. Bristol Cream tastes smoother and more complex than other Sherries due to the high quality and extra age of its components. Bristol Cream can be served chilled or on ice, or enjoyed as a dessert wine. It has a deep golden chestnut and amber color, with clean, fresh and tangy dried fruit aromas, fruity grape flavours and creamy velvet, smooth, mellow, woody nutty and earthy flavors and finish.

I hope this answers your question,


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