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Hello David, my first question is shelf life of liquors, not realizing that vermouth is actaully wine i left in in my bar for quite sometime, and some fruit fly's were swimming in it. I know that wiskey, and scotch can stay room temp, should the baileys be refridgerated? also is is safe to keep a bottle of wiskey with the pourer on and not the cap? also i would like to stock my bar with most of what i would need with out going crazy.
basicially im trying to determine what goes in the fridge and what can stay in the bar.

Thank you

Hello Joe,
I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I've been doing some work on my website and haven't had the time.
By midnite Monday I'll have the answer to your question in a new section on my website,
I'll be doing some computer maintanance on Sunday and will have everything posted by midnite Monday.
Thanks for your patience,


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