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mike wrote at 2008-10-21 06:56:52
Hi Jenni

Perhaps I can help you out here

I am currently involved in the coffee Development Program on Tanna Island..

I very recently attended a coffee workshop in Vila and met some of the Santo Agricultural officers.

Our discussion were about the difficulties that the resaerch station was having looking after their small coffee plots

Tanna Island is low latitude compensated to low altitude 350 mtrs above sea level.

Has a temp of 18c to 28 c

plently of rain fall and very important heavy dews in the dry in the evening

Great cloud cover from Mt Yasur and plently of free fertiliser

Even on Efate coffee is having to be grown under shade because of the non suitable natural  tropical enviroment.

Santo is worse

Robusta is the most common coffee grown Wild around Santo Aore Malo

Tanna also has the huge bonus of having naturally very high potassium levels/deep volcanic ash and I believe is one of the best coffees in the world

We hope to be challanging Blue Maountain and are lucky we are building our volume now and viewing other successful marketing programs

Fortunately we only grow 30 -40 tonnes a year but we could supply at premium over 500 tonnes per year and we have one client that would buy the lot at very very premium prices.

The difficulty with coffee is that Harvesting is VERY labour intensive if you select pick for the premium market and unless you have a premuim product you may as well buy it from PNG and add value because the quality that you will reach on Santo will be similiar and you will get a reliable supply from PNG.

However it is possible to grow coffee but you won't find the economic  Viable.

If you are really interested in coffee come to Tanna

There is infrustructure  many many long term experienced man tanna and perfect growing enviroments.

I would be happy to show you around but don't expect to get rich

My lease and program is for 200-250 HA and this will take some time working directly with Man Tanna empoWering them to suceed and trying to return to them over time a premium direct to the grower.

Currently even on tanna we [at present] can't reward the farmers to the level I would like but with our new program hoping in 3 to 4 years to lift prices and dynamics to a new level which includes heavy capital expenditure

Hope this helps

You can always contact Terry 5582661 [tanna coffee] Great guy  given 10 years of his life trying to develop the industry] and he is very open and helpful

55TANNA is my number when I have the phone on in the bush at Middle bush living with the Farmers


murray connolly wrote at 2013-04-14 21:19:39

I have read your article dated 2008 Did you manage to get it going in Santo .I am formaly from N z (Robert Harris) I have now retired in Santo  


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