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Lucy H wrote at 2013-02-14 23:42:59
Try here, they offer great tasting kopi luwak with the finest and famous baristas in Australia. I've been their most valuable costumer coz I always buy my beans there. They offer discounts if you buy there always-like me. Should try now! 100% Authentic!


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Alun Evans


Questions on Indonesian Coffee (thats my speciality). Can include specific origins (East Java, Takengon, Toraja, Kintamani-Bali etc. Also about specific beans- Lintong, Mandehling, Java arabicas..etc. Also any other questions about Indonesian Coffee- the different cupping qualities, bean hardness, roast profiles...through to any questions about Indonesian coffee scene- does coffee luwak exists? How much coffee is exported from Central Java? Who planted the first plantations in East Java? Why is coffee often called "Java"


Indonesian coffee roaster and bean exporter. Been in the business here for some time.

SCAA, AASCA, SCAE, WAGRO and the Roasters Guild.

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