I fist heard that coffee beans passed through a certain type of cat was the most expensive coffee in the world then I heard the most expensive coffee is coffee beans passed through a elephant.Why does this procedure make coffee so expensive?

Kopi luwak's price is so high because of its perceived rarity. It has been estimated that there is no more than 500kg collected every year, although I personally would dispute that estimate as my company sells around 100kg! It is rare because the animal that eats the coffee only looks for very ripe coffee beans, meaning it is selecting the very best coffee. The process from mouth to ummmm the other end results in the coffee being "pitted" by acids in the animals gut. This process reduces the acidity of the coffee and it also adds some natural fruit flavours to the coffee by mixing with other fruits in the luwak's (masked palm civets) gut.

There are indeed a few other very expensive coffees out there. The animal related coffees include those eaten by fruit bats and monkeys...elephants it is possible but I haven't experienced these myself and think collecting the beans from the giant elephant faeces would be a challenge . There are several very, very expensive coffees that are grown naturally. The cost is so high because of rarity and/or historical factors. These include coffee grown on the island of St Helena and also Galapegos coffee.


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