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Hi Bob,I'm wondering, if I use 2 heaping scoops of regular ground coffee for 4 cups would the amount of coffee differ if it was fine grind.
Thanks for your time.

In the coffee business (retail) we normally dose 25gm for a 300ml caffetiere (french press) of water. Grind makes a difference in flavor depending on the extraction process and/or how long the water is in contact with the grinds. Generally flavor with be stronger with finally ground coffee because more of the surface mass of the bean is exposed to water directly. However this may not relate to an improvement in taste. When we roast coffee we do so to highlight flavors in a particular bean. Grinding fine may result in those flavor characters being eliminated...especially if the coffee was roasted with a frenchpress grind in mind.

I personally would experiment with a change in grind vs volume in coffee. There is no one fixed rule for this


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