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Coffee/Intercropping Coffee Trees and Rubber Trees


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I am thinking of buying 5 hectares of agricultural land in my home country-The Philippines and plant trees for business. Is it advisable to intercrop coffee trees and rubber trees? Is this a good or bad farming & business idea?



In my experience intercropping of Rubber and Coffee is not a particularly attractive idea. This is because 1. Both rubber trees and coffee trees are huge users / depleters of soil based nitrogen. You would need to invest very heavily in fertiliser to cover this defficate. 2. Arabica...which really is the now and future of coffee grows best above 1200m on heavily sloping terain. Rubber grows best on lower terain which is relatively flat. 3 (and finally) rubber trees are cultivated fairly density to increase yield and ease of harvesting the sap. This creates a fairly dense would have probably noted not too much secondary vegetation in the rubber plantations you have seen. This is a far from scientific  


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