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papac2 wrote at 2013-01-01 03:51:09
Go to your local grocery store that sells coffee in the whole bean.  There should be a coffee grinder located next to it.  Select your favorite flavor in the whole bean bag.  Open the bag and dump the beans into the hopper.  Place the bag under the chute to catch the ground coffee.  Rotate the knob all the way to the right to espresso grind.  Hit the start button.  Espresso grind comes out.  This is not rocket science.  The only difference between espresso and regular coffee is the size of the ground coffee particles used to make it.  Espresso is a fine powder when ground.  It does not matter if you use dark roast, medium roast, or in between roast.  What makes it espresso is the size of the ground coffee particles.  This grind makes a very strong cup of coffee.  That's espresso.  It is as simple as that.  You can drink it straight (to strong for me), or you can add heated milk (latte), or you can add frothed milk (cappuccino).


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