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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/1788 george III guinea real or fake?


Taxi-Steve wrote at 2015-10-25 17:12:14
Google spade guinea token and you will get MANY hits. There are advertising and commemorative types, but what this is called is "Standard Type" because the legends are the same as genuine. These were used as pieces. They are collectible and cheap. There are 1,000 different guinea and half guinea tokens listed in an attribution guide, entitled "A Thousand Guineas" by W Bryce Neilson, as well as plenty of stuff on the internet about them. Check the in depth articles by RNP Hawkins and others for more info. The hole means nothing. Plenty of small gold coins are holed. Small gold and silver coins were often holed to string together to not lose them because of size, and would be more apt to be seen on half guineas than guineas. Would be a great time to start a collection. We need more people collecting these!!

peter wrote at 2016-08-12 08:16:00
Hi. I have had several spade guineas wich were drilled to be worn as a necklace or charm bracelet and only one turned out to be brass. It is simple to check. If it is 24mm in diameter [and is not extra thick] weighs about 8 grams [wear will reduce the weight] and has the correct lettering then it is gold. Brass is a lot lighter than gold and would have to be very thick for the correct diameter or extra large to get the correct weight of 8.4 grams that a guinea should weigh. They are not all fakes just because they are drilled!

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