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BHCanada wrote at 2011-10-27 17:41:10
I also have a Canadian 194? dime. It was at a local coin shop marked 194? Error. I impulse bought the coin for $8.00. I am in Atlantic Canada. Sure would be nice to know it's worth something.

Did you have your coin appraised?

Cathy wrote at 2012-01-06 22:40:23
I have a Canadian Dime as well that is stamped with just the 194. Besides this post I have seen a couple of other posts with people owning one also.  It is authentic, but have no idea what it is worth.

T4WD wrote at 2012-04-12 16:11:34
Hi , I have same  thing that I have    Canadian  Dime with large date the read  196- too  , it might be  possible   that it could be the history of changing from large date "1969" into small date .It did mention at the Canadian  Mint  with damage die  press which force to change the date .  

Jimmy wrote at 2016-02-14 03:21:23
Nobody knows what it is worth ?? I have 194 too, I woul assume, it is worth the 8$, that a coin shop sold for, cuz they definitely ain't out to give money away right, anyone??

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