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QUESTION: i have a 1982d lincoln head penny....on the front it has a lantern to the left of lincolns head and a bell on the right.
cannot find this anywhere. do you know anything about this.

ANSWER: Justin,

This was done using small stamps after the coin was minted.  I have seen many that have the outline of a state above the date.  Since these were done post-production they are not worth anything more than face value.


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QUESTION: the penny does not look like it has been stamped after being made . under the lantern is the word liberty ,and under the bell is 1982d . the penny is slightly indented like its been run over . what are the chances this could be real and how would i find out ?

Unfortunately the chances are 0.  The US mint did not make any design change on the penny from 1958-2009.  The indentation would have been caused from the blow of the secondary stamps.  However, if you would like, take it to a coin shop in your area.  I guarantee that they will say the same thing though...

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