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I've got a 1974 canadian penny with a couple different errors i can't quite pinpoint.I have been researching web sites on coin errors,but the errors on my coin looks to me like they could be a dozen or so different one's.Can you identify the errors and possibly value my coin?thank you

Hello Fred,

I am sorry to say that I do not believe this damage occurred at the mint. When there is a chip taken out of a coin the diameter should line up with the same coin. This means that you should be able to take another penny and it should fit snuggly in the chip removed from your coin.

The marks on your coin look to me like someone braced it in a vise or a pair of pliers and then they clipped off parts of the coin with another tool. If there are marks on the back that line up with those on the front you can consider this confirmed.

Any defect that can be easily replicated outside of the mint is usually considered tampering or altering and does not add any value to the coin.

David Mc

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