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Front side of Coin
Front side of Coin  
Back side of Coin
Back side of Coin  
QUESTION: Hi, I've had this coin for a long time now and I think its an Ancient of some sorts. I provided some pictures and hopefully you can help me discover what it it. I'd really appreciate it.

ANSWER: The picture is out of focus, I can not see what it is.

Joe Hylas

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hope thats alittle better. On the front side all i can make out is a figure of a man.

And on the back it looks like a man stabbing another man and the only letters i can make out look like: FEL (cant make out) NND? EEVR (cant make out anymore of them)

I appreciate any help :)

Hi Again Kody,

The pictures are of no use to me.  The fact that you who has the coin can't make out what is is or says, tells me the coin is pretty worn.  Just judging from the shape of the coin in the photo, and the crude striking, I am guessing, just guessing, that is it ancient greek or roman.  They aren't rare, and quite cheap in that condition.

That's the best I can do,  Sorry I couldn't tell you more.


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