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what was the ratio of a copper kasu coin of RajaRaja to a silver kasu and also to a gold kasu.?

Interesting question for which I also would like to know the Answer.

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Steve Bridges, of Chesapeake, Virginia, USA referenced

Desikachari's book, South Indian Coins,
"Whether there was any definite ratio between the value of gold and
silver or whether the value of gold fluctuated with that of any other
commodity and was determined in silver are matters upon which it would be
rash to hazard even a conjecture."

I found an interesting reference in Village Folk Tales of Ceylon
By Henry Parker 1910 page 420

The Gold, Silver and Copper Massa coins were all around 4.5 grams
The Gold coins of RajaRaja Chola were about 12K
i.e. 50% Gold 40% Silver 10% Copper

In Value
Gold to Silver Ratio was 1 to 10 to 15
Silver to Copper Ratio was 1 to 60

So putting all this together the order of magnitude Guesstimate is

1 Gold   coin was worth 500 Copper coins
1 Silver coin was worth  50 Copper coins

Copper Massa of RajaRaja Chola are very common.
However today the Silver coins are more rare to find than the Gold
which implies they minted far less silver coins than Gold coins, or
more of the silver coins got melted.

It is clearly a subject that needs more study.
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Ref to studies of western coinage see  

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