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3-dollar gold coin
3-dollar gold coin  

3-dollar coin
3-dollar coin  
Hello, I'm trying to determine the value of a 3-dollar coin from 1857, gold, with an image of a woman, I believe, wearing a crown titled Liberty.

Two images attached. Thank you.


It is difficult to determine the condition of the coin based on the photos provided.  However, it seems to be either a 40 or 45 on the 70 point scale.  This being said, it should be worth around $800 to $1,000 to a collector.  A dealer would of course pay lower since they have to make a profit.  I will mention, many $3 gold pieces have been counterfeited and so I suggest taking it to a professional to verify authenticity.  Also on a side note, whatever you do, DO NOT clean the coin.  It will take down the value substantially.


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