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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/ink smears on a $100 bill and a $1 bill


On the $100 bill it appears that the used to much inkthe writting is blotched also smearsand its a1996 $100 bill and u cant see  half of the writting in the green seal because the letters 100 block them out completly and u can see thr serial number through the back also the green glitter type ink used for the $100 stamp in the lower left corner is also in the outline of the bill mixed with the black ink how much is this worth? And the $1 bill has a inch lonh ink smear were there should be no ink at allwhats this worth? Thank you for your time

Hi Ricky,

Sounds like an error note for sure.  Because error notes are visual it's hard for me to put a value on it without seeing it.  Can you send a picture to me at the web site below?

Kind regards,

Greg Davis

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