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kwang tung province 2 cents
kwang tung province 2  
coin edge view
coin edge view  
I have probably a fake coin , but would like to know for sure.
The 1918 brass version is listed but the copper one is rare...I have this coin with some obvious missing or incomplete details on both sides when compared to images of a real coin.
This one may be cast, I really do not know.
Weighs approx: 15 grams... or 14 + ?...(1 gram to 5,000 gram scale).
Really do not know if it is 100% nickel, but seem to think so, but if has a Cu % will not be able to tell for certain.
Anyway, any info much appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Andrew,

From the picture that you sent I would say that this is a brass coin. If you can find a refiner that will test this using an X-Ray gun the mystery would be solved quickly. Most will not charge to do this for you. The copper ones really look red like a wheat penny and then as they age they get a milk chocolate brown.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, thanks for your quick response.
Do I understand your meaning to be, that this coin may have a nickel coating & brass interior?
You state the coin may be brass..does not look like brass on the surface.
Also, I am not sure if it is fake, would you hazard a guess as to whether this coin is genuine or fake, fantasy or something else?

HI Andrew,

Sorry for being unclear, let me get more specific.
In my opinion and from the photos you sent I believe that you have a brass 2 cent coin. These coins were made in copper and brass. I believe that you have the brass variety. I think it is authentic but I would not know unless I could hold it or have the metal analyzed.

The brass versions of this coin are common and have very little value.  

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