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I am writing to you in Polish, here I would like to present your issue and ask for possible help, thank you.
Today, I bought a set of medals from Mexico "500 Aniversario de la ..." . I know what I bought, but when I looked closer purchased medals, I noticed that one of them instead of marking "2 onzas ley.999 plata pura" is marked "2 onzas ley.500 oro". His weight is 62.1 g, exactly the same as the other four. However, the other four is the correct designation of "2 onzas ley.999 plata pura". They all have a same size. Therefore, I would ask, is it possible that it is a unique error coin, or maybe this is the nature of this set? Or is it just a fake? Please help me. Enclosed please find pictures of all the medals and certificate purchased. If you require more information please ask.

Michael P.

ANSWER: Hi Michael,
This set normally has 5 .999 silver medals. This coin says it is .500 gold. Does it look gold in color? In the picture it looks silver.
The quality and details are correct for a genuine Mexico City mint medal, so I do not suspect it is fake.
I have not seen any gold examples before, but the M.O. mint often made a few gold versions of their silver medals so it is very possible that you got very lucky.
You already gave the weight of the coin. If you can get a very accurate measurement of the diameter and thickness in millimeters, I can calculate the density and tell you if it is correct for a coin that is 50% gold and 50% silver or not.
Thanks for the question! =)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Dimitry,

color of the medal is not different from the other, the dimensions also tend to be similar. I'll do the measurements and send another e-mail with the results. I am very curious if this medal is real. I wanted to do research spectrometer, but I'm afraid that will give me the results of the outer layer, which appears to be completely plated with silver. I have a question, or you can write to the issuer of the coin in order to verify the authenticity of the set? Unfortunately, I do not know where I could direct the request, and here you could also help me? I enclose a photo of the certificate with the number.

Michael P.

Hi again,
The Casa de Moneda de Mexico does not have this set on their site anymore, they only have sets currently available for sale. However, if anyone can answer your question for sure it would be them.
You can contact them at or (I would try both). You will probably have the most luck asking in Spanish though.

Thanks again for the question! =)

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