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Hi, I just found a few loonies among my aunt's things - usually they are gold coloured, but these from 1987 and  1990 are silver coloured, and from 1988 is bronze coloured. They are all magnetic like the loonie is typically. I'm wondering why there are these different colours? Are they worth anything special/worth saving?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Andrea,
Although there have been some commemorative loonies made in silver, the fact that they are magnetic means they are not actually solid silver. The one that is bronze colored may just be toning or the result of being exposed to high heat, I see this pretty often with loonies. The silver colored ones are most likely silver plated, also something that is not uncommon for all sorts of coins. They would not have increased value expect maybe a little for the silver plated ones which some people seem to like.
Thanks for the question! =)

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