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It is an irish error large 10p coin. I would expect it to retail between 1.500 to 3.800

it is only lately that the irish error market has taking off and it is on the growth ever since. 2 reasons the small amount of coinage minted. The increasing interest in irish coins as a secure investment. And the shortage of errors in the marketplace.

This will only ever increase in time in value. As very few errors escaped the inspections of the irish minting process. An example is to look up online. Irish error coins and you will find them few and far between if any listed in the first place compared to coinage from other mints. Also an increase in the international collecting community investing and collecting irish has grown rapidly and steadily recently. And again is the extremily large irish community at home and abroad who are now collecting their national coinage has shown remarkable growth as stastistics have constantly shown .  

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My specialty is world coins from the 18th to 20th centuries, primarily non-US foreign coins and related areas such as errors and exonumia (tokens, medals, etc.). I can answer questions relating to identification, grading, selling, preservation and evaluation of such items. In addition to catalog value, I can give you the practical market value and trends for specific types of coins. I will also take questions regarding counterfeits (both modern and antique) and on how to identify them. I am NOT knowledgeable in paper money/banknotes, ancient or "shipwreck" coins. Thank you.


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