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are there any value to either coin

Probably not much, if at all.  They would have to be uncirculated (in condition as made at the mint) to have any value over a few cents and even then it wouldn't be much.  There were plenty of them made that are still around.  Go to and do searches for 1910 cent, 1910 penny 1936 cent and 1936 penny and I bet you'll see plenty for sale.  Remember just because a seller asks a certain price, doesn't mean a piece is worth that -- it would only be worth what real bidders are bidding, hope this helped, Jim Lawniczak

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Jim Lawniczak


I will answer your questions about encased coins (lucky pennies), which are advertising and event tokens with coins, unually cents, struck with the token.


Long time collector of encased coins and author of several articles on encased coins.

TAMS, ECI (Encased Collectors International)

TAMS -- several articles on encased coins, in particular the encased coins of the 1901 Buffalo Pan American Exposition
Casement -- many articles on encased coins

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