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I have come into possession of a 1971 British 2 new pence coin which appears to be cupro nickel instead of bronze. I have been unsuccessful in learning anything about it by emailing Spink or the Royal Mint. I would be grateful for any information about it.

Hello Glennis,

Your specimen should be checked out by an experienced Numismatist. If you still need to find someone in your area I have the information at the bottom of this answer.

I am not an expert on foreign coins but can give you some information.
You do not say what indicates it is copper/nickel? Is it visual or weight of the piece, the coloring etc...?
It would have to be seen by an experienced dealer to be easily identified.
Other than being seen by an expert you can test it yourself.

A specific gravity test is a great way to determine what a sample of metal is made of.
This is a useful if not infallible test. You need to compare a coin's weight in two different media, such as air and water, using a precision scale. However, accuracy can be compromised by tiny air bubbles adhering to the coin's surface and, with ancient coins, internal porosity and voids within the coin's interior.
The specific gravity of Tin is 7.3,  Copper is 9.6 and  Nickel is 8.9.

The Specific Gravity Test: is used to calculate the content of alloys that contain a mixture of silver, copper, gold and other materials.
There is also a Youtube video on how to do this.

Also for more help, at most large coin shows there are representatives from the grading services. ANACS service even some smaller shows. They give free consultations on coins at their table.
If you need to find an authenticator in your area just write me again. (I would need the nearest large Cities, some zip codes where you live and telephone area codes to refer you to an expert in your area). Mark your question as Private.

I hope this information helps.

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Good Luck


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