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Hello, My son has been collecting wheat pennies and the like. I have two questions.
1.) I have a 1973 Lincoln Penny that is very light weight, does not stick to a magnet and looks and feels silver! Do you know of any minting of a 1973 Penny? I looked everywhere and I see one other fella found one, but that is all I know and he is in search of an answer as well.
2.) we have a 1959 Penny, that is very bright and does not look like Copper, is there any other metal they made that year, this penny looks mint shape, but does not look copper, more pf a yellow color?


Hi Rob,
There have been cases of cents being struck on dime blanks, however the odds of this being silver are slim since the last silver dimes was 1964.  There were trial aluminum cents but that wasn't until 1978.  The best way to know what is going on is to weigh it on an accurate gram scale.
It should weigh 3.11 grams   That would be the first thing to do.  Once we know an accurate weight, we can move ahead to find out what you have.

I have seen a few cents where the color is too bright.  There was no change in the alloy used (copper/zinc)but is is possible that the mix was bad.  Again, weigh the coin and we can look deeper into this.

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