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93 Lincoln Cent Nose Beard Error
93 Lincoln Cent Nose B  

93 Lincoln Cent Nose Nose Error
93 Lincoln Cent Nose N  
There is some type of error on the end of Lincoln's beard and nose of my 1993 Lincoln cent that I cannot identify. Can you please tell me what these errors are called and if there is much worth to them?
Thank you

Hello James,  

If these defects are a raised surface, extra metal;

This error has no added value.
From What I can see it is a breakdown on the die that struck the coin.
The Steel Die has the IMPRESSION of Lincoln down into it.
After much use the die starts to break and the areas near the flat surface where they go down to the portrait are the weakest.

If you think about it, much like the rim of a glass, these points get the most wear.
Having the metal flow up from the flat blank to fill the design in is a lot of work.
If the hardness of the steel die is not correct it will chip away like this.  

I also notice the lines in front of the beard. This defect, looks in the photo, like scratches made in the die when trying to clean, repair or polish the die face. It likely had debris sticking to the surface prior to the defects you see right away.

With the die in this condition it will soon get worse and have been removed from service.

Good eyes, a very interesting find and a good example of the error, but worth less than a dollar to an error collector.

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Happy New Year,

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