Coin and Paper Money Collecting/$20 bill 1934



Front seal
Front seal  
Ser# K12619901A
Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
Treasurer William Alexander Julian   
11 in each corner of bill near the number 20 with an E14 above and to left of 11 on bottom right
Letter E above seal on left
Seal: federal reserve bank of Dallas with a K inside center of seal
On back of bill is the number 415 in bottom right corner adjacent to the 20
Federal reserve note on top of front
Will pay to the bearer on demand TWENTY DOLLARS on bottom of front

I would rate this bill about 7 out of 10, but I'm no expert. One crease in middle. One small 1/4" tear in extreme left side of bill. One corner slightly creased. Seems to be some slight discoloration on right side of bill, due to age?

I can email pictures if you email me.  

Thanks in advance.

Hi Cliff,

Sadly,  circulated Federal Reserve notes from 1934 aren't really worth more than face value unless they are star notes.  This one isn't.  These were saved in mattresses and behind walls during the depression that they are not ever really going to be rare.... just old.

Kind regards,

Greg Davis

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