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Kennedy coins  
Hello Dan,

I'm in the UK. I have a set of three commemorative coins in a blue case. The front of each shows John F. Kennedy's face, almost face on (is this 3/4 profile?), looking slightly to his left. The words round the border are: "JOHN F. KENNEDY 35. PRESIDENT OF USA. 1917-1963"

The rear of each has the eagle crest (not sure of the proper name for this) with a small "925" stamped where the tail feathers are. The edge of the coin is smooth and featureless.

The picture shows the two larger coins, with an inch rule for scale. The case bears the word "KENNEDY". I do not know the composition of the coins. They are silver in colour but have developed a bronze tinge.

Have you any idea if they have any value? With the anniversary of his death approaching, I woould like to realise any value and put the money towards something for my family.

Thanks for taking a look, and have a good 2013,

Yours, Dave

Hi Dave,

What you have is a privately minted commemorative set.  Kennedy was the 35th President.  It looks like the Presidential Seal on the back of the medal.  The 925 marking denotes that the medal is made of Sterling silver.

So if you weigh the medals in grams, then divide by 31.1, then multiply by .925, this will give you the weight in Troy ounces of pure silver.  Multiply this by the current spot price of silver (see and you will have the approximate value of these medals.

I don't think you're going to get much over the melt value for these medals, but since you have a complete set, if you find an interested collector, you might get a little extra.

I hope this helps,


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