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QUESTION: I have a 2009 dollar and under Washington chin the big chin role looks like it was pushed up in the middle is this a misprint

ANSWER: I would really have to see a picture or the bill itself.  If it looks very different from a normal bill, then yes, it probably is an error.  However, I working in the dark not being able to see it.
If you can scan it and send a picture, that might help.

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2009 dollar
2009 dollar  
QUESTION: Here's a close up

Hi Michelle,

I can't make a definitive call from the scan.  However, I do think it warrants further investigation.  Is there any other part that "appears pushed up"?  Usually when there is an error on printed money, it's not just in one small area.

Good Luck, I really can't help any further.

Joe Hylas

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