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I found a West Virginia quarter, mintmark-D, with a wear pattern I have never seen before: The outer edge of the obverse is completely smooth, just touching the "United States of America", while the rest of the coin is in fair to good condition.  The wear pattern is repeated on the reverse, but only on the top of the coin.  Any ideas?



Hi Joel,
Without seeing this coin I cannot say for sure.
You description sounds like someone reworked the coin after it left the mint.  
It is a possibility that it was too small at the mint but the strike should be off center if this is the case.
The coin should weigh 5.670 grams and should have the reeding on the edge.  
Even if this is the case being a true mint error rather than having been modified after leaving the mint, would have a low value as an oddity. It would be less than $2 in value.  
Thanks for the question,
Good Luck,

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