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I was just given a box of old coins from my father who grew up during the Franco regime in Spain. All of the coins seem to be pretty standard. Then I found a 10 centimos coins with a blank side. It looks the same as the 1959 10 centimos that I have, which is supposed to have a wreath of leaves surrounding the 10 on one side and then Franco on the other side with the date. But this coin only has the side with the leaves and the 10. I believe I included a picture. I would like to know if it is possible for this coin to be printed on only one side or if it got damaged somehow? And if it is an error does it make this coin more valuable? Thank you for your help!

Hi Nichole,
Unfortunately this is a damaged coin rather than an error. Looks like someone sanded it down or used a Sawzall or something on it. A genuine one-sided error does have pretty good value, so keep looking and you just might find one.
Thanks for the question, best of luck hunting! =)

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