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QUESTION: How can I identify fack coins??
can you tell me the coin sellers and the prices of coins??

ANSWER: You can easily identify low quality fake coins by knowing what
genuine coins look like, and there characteristics such as weight
size, and other details.

The high quality fake require study of the metals used and even that
is not sufficient to identify a genuine coin without any doubt since the
metal may have been recycled.

It may be possible to show an old coin is fake, but almost impossible to
prove it is genuine, unless found in a proper archaeological excavation.

If you are interested in Lankan fakes please read my webpage  and the many links from it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: why some of the thin duit coins are not in the catalog?? I got 5 verities of duit coins and 2 half duits but they are not in the catalog (coins in 17XX)

 I have not put them on my website since there are many websites online about these  very common Duit and half duit coins which were used in many Dutch colonies including Ceylon.  
I have about 2400 of these coins and have not had the time to sort them out and put online.

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