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This was a present from an elderly woman in 1976. I Googled the inscription: franc.10S.I.D.G.IMP.AVSTR.REX.BOH.GAL.ILL.ETC.AP.REX.HVNG
and came up with the site describing the coin

coin - one side head of emporer franz Joseph - 10 corona coin - austria (pre answer of yours to another person with almost same question)  markings on head side read : franc.10S.I.D.G.IMP.AVSTR.REX.BOH.GAL.ILL.ETC.AP.REX.HVNG  - Other side of coin is a crown with a 1 (number one) and date of 1915 under the number.
It has wheat or leafy plant on both sides of crown and number.  Which is 100 COR  MDCCCCXV

Hi Hans,
This Austrian 100 corona coin is a bullion piece, intended for investment in gold rather than circulation. Although there are original pieces from 1915 that were circulated and are quite rare, nearly all the uncirculated, mint state coins seen today are re-strikes made in the 1970's using the 1915 date.
The are 90% gold purity an contain just slightly under 1 troy ounce of pure gold weight. Their value is that of the gold, these do not have a collectible premium beyond that.
Thanks for the question! =)

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