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Hello Mr. Garrett.  My name is Curt Hanson from Wisconsin.  I have just started collecting paper currency.  Maybe you can give me an idea what it is worth or where to sell.  Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I have a Set of 2 $5 Bills with matching serial numbers.  Here is what I have.  They made 5000 sets of these. According to my book here is what they are worth without taking the matching serial #'s into consideration.
 1995 $5 Atlanta Star in Ch Cu or Gem cu would be $60
 1993 $5 Chicago Star in Ch Cu or Gem cu would be $50
I have been collecting PF70 and MS70 Silver American Eagles.  I don't believe in collecting the 69's.  Why not spend a little extra money and get the best.  As far as the Bills go can you give me an idea where to sell them if I do, and about what they would be worth.  Your professional opinion does not go unappreciated.  Sincerly, Curt Hanson...I read your Notes!

Hey Curt, you will get the best judge of value for these based on ebay completed auctions.  There are not many full time dealers who specialize in modern BEP products like you are asking about.  I know I have never handled them before.  However, I am sure there is still a great collector interest, especially with matching serial numbers.

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I can answer any question relating to valuing US Currency and rare coins. My specialty is national currency, large-size currency, and small size issues between 1928 and 1957. Many bank notes have variables that can make two seemingly identical notes have very different values. That is why it is so important to work with an expert. I also work with rare Canadian banknotes as well as some other foreign currency (mostly British Commonwealth countries).


I have been a full time currency dealer since 2006. I set up at about ten national coin and currency shows per year all across the country. My company has a retail location in Greenville, SC. I am in a unique position to see, value, and sell millions of dollars worth of paper money on a annual basis. I have been lucky enough to sell hundreds of individual banknotes worth over $10,000 each. I personally hold several world records for highest price paid for certain categories of banknotes. You can also find me locally in Greenville, SC where I run a small coin store called Greenville Coins.

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