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what is the value of a 1925 silver dollar says "IN GOD WE TRVST"  on front with woman; eagle on back, bottom of eagle says PEACE

Hi, Diane, you have the silver dollar that is commonly called the "Peace Dollar."  Its run started in 1921 after the end of the first world war.  If it is in circulated condition, its value depends somewhat on the value of the silver in it, as 1925 is a common date.  With silver at $21.50 an ounce now, you have about $16.50 in silver in your piece. I would think you could get maybe up to a $10 premium on that if selling to a dealer, so around $25 or so.  Value does depend on condition though and if your piece is uncirculated and not cleaned or otherwise damaged, it would be worth more.  There is a 1925 without mint mark and a 1925 S (San Francisco) mint mark.  The mint mark is on the back under the left side of the word "One."  Try going to and doing a search for 1925 dollar and you'll see quite a few for sale and the prices asked and offered.  Remember just because a seller lists the piece for a given price doesn't mean it's worth that.  Jim Lawniczak  

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