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Hi Dmitry,
I have a 1914 Dutch 1 cent coin that had the coat of arms on both sides instead the queens head on one side. I have been told that this is because when the Netherland became occupied by Germany in the first world war they didn't print the queens head on the coins. is this correct? and is a coin like this worth more then a normal 1014 1 cent coin?
thanks for your time, Ellen



Hi Ellen,
Actually Dutch 1 cent coins of this period did not have the queen's portrait on them until 1948. At this time they had the rampant lion on one side and denomination in wreath on the other (see attached picture 1). I believe you may have a coin of the Netherlands East Indies, which has the Dutch crest on one side and Arabic script on the other (see attached picture 2). If you coin does not match either of these, please attach a picture of it to a follow-up question and I will figure it out.
Thanks for the question! =)

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