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I have a gold coin I purchased in Saudi Arabia.  I have looked up information on the Internet to try to figure out it's worth.  I found this website.  There was a similar question, but asked about MOM22.   I will post the question here:

'I had one Saudi Arabia 1950 guinea trade coin with the additional word "MOM22" on the left of the reverse side, filling the gap between the palm tree and the Arabic legend. Could you please explain its meaning? Is it a mint mark or restrike stamp?'

I can not find this MOM22 on my coin.  Would it be so tiny I would not be able to see it?  I even took a photo of the coin and then enlarged to look for this.  If this is not there does it make the coin more valuable and would you know what the value would be?  Also I saw some information about jewelers replicas.  I also do not see any special mark, but am not completely sure where this would be or if also this would be too small for me to see.

I would appreciate any information you can give me.  I am considering giving the coin to my nephew and would like to know if it is worthless, or on the other hand too valuable as he does not appreciate anything I get him.  Also know one seems to know what he likes besides video games so I thought the coin would be good as he could keep it and let it appreciate.

Thank you,

Hi Teresa,
If you do not have any additional marks on the coin it's a good thing. Although these coins and the jewelers replicas are both made of solid gold, the original coins like yours are worth a bit more. Either way it would not be worthless as a gold item.
Thanks for the question! =)

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