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numisjess wrote at 2014-01-09 19:07:50
that coin used to be in mine , that exact one!lol i looked into it extensivly,its an extreamly old counterfit (if it is one)and the mint masters mark ,the shield with the scorpion ...i havent ever been able to find .theres a book that lists the shields witch changed every four years,but theres only two of them in existance as far as i can find out and there in privet hands.  i lost it to a pawn shop about 3 years ago

Troy wrote at 2014-09-01 22:38:37
Hi, Joe, I also have this coin and is very identical to Donald ' s with the outside edges slightly worn off but eerily similar to his but I don't have that die line across the lilly. I also read that he also was holding a scallop shell? Most florin weighed 3.5 grams but a few versions did weigh 3.3 and some change as mine does. It does not stick to a magnet if that means anything? lol Could it be an imitation but struck in real gold? Troy

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