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1982  Pipe Smoking Linclon Cent
1982 Pipe Smoking Lin  

1982 Cent Reverse view
1982 Cent Reverse view  
Sir,I recently found this cent.And,ofcourse I knew by looking at the front of the coin that its just another one of those Marketing companys gimiks etc.
I have seen so far,  HAWAII,Colorodo,TX,Santa Clause etc.Oh the Cross too.
They all have one thing in common a nice (BUMP) in the rear from the hit on the front.
Strangely.....,I don't  see any  BUMPS on the rear at all.
Why?  How can this be....
How can the coin still be in (perfect allingment?)Not a Scratch on the Edges of any mishandling.Was this made at the US Mint?.I beleive it is possible.In that year alone lots of different types of cents were being made.Lots of activity at the US mint in 1982.Could a worker have made this as a joke,hoax at th Mint.Depending on security and how cents were made,it might have been possible for someone to do that as a joke.But,at the Mint.Folks,do a lot of strange things to get Thrills,could it have been for just that?
Whats in the Reverse is a ADDition to the cent,like a US mint Error.I don't see if it had anything to do with whats infront.Again,No Bumps.
I know,chances are that you will Dismiss it as just another marketing coin.But its worth a try,huh,kinda like the guy who found the 1959 cent with a 1958 Reverse..everyone told him its a fluk but the grading comapany graded it US Mint and he sold it for $40,000.00

Should I have this checked by a Grading company?

Appreciate your Expert view and vote
History in the Making...
God Bless,
Lincoln Cent Treasure Hunter
Preserving the American National Historical Heritage.
PS:More pic sent to your site


The pipe was definitely something done to the coin after it left the mint.  A lot of times these added images are done by hand with a metal punch and a hammer, but I believe a press was used to make this impression.  The "added" lines on the back were caused by there being an uneven surface that the coin was laying on (like a metal screen) when the pipe was struck.

Don't waste your money on sending it to a grading company, they won't even grade it -- they'll call it altered.

It still has a novelty value of a dollar or two.


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