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I have several John F Kennedy Jr coins.  The front has his profile, to the left it says "in Loving Memory" and the right side says 1960-1999, on the bottom it says $10 Dollars.  On the back it says Republic of Liberia The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here. A ship with a palm tree and bird in the middle, to the left a 20 to the right 00, bottom it says 10 Dollars.  I dont care about selling them, but are they worth $10 each?  Do they spend as money or should they be sold?  I also have a cased coinon the front it says XXII-XXIV U.S. President Grover Cleveland.  It has his face in the middle.  To the left of his face is 1885 over 1893, on the right it has 1889 over 1897, on the bottom it says $20.  The back is the ship with palm tree and bird again,  It says Republic of Liberia on the top, The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here in the banner above the ship and 20 to the left and 00 to the right, on the bottom banner it says Republic of Liberia and at the bottom it says 20 Dollars.  This one came with a Certificate of Authenticity -The Presidents of the USA- *01933* and says American Mint on the bottom below a blue circle.  Anything special about this one?  Just curious about these because if they arent worth anything at all, I think my kids would get a kick out of playing with them : )  The last coin I have is one of Barack Obama on the front and Michelle Obamah on the back, silver in color.  I cant find anything at all about a coin with the President and First Lady on the same coin.  

Thanks a ton for your help:)


Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your question. I wish I had better news for you. These coins fall into the category of "novelties". These coins are produced with the sole intention of deceiving the buyers into thinking that they are getting something of value.

The quality of the images and metal used is at the lowest level in numismatics (coin collecting). You will find these for sales in periodicals and TV auction sites that target the elderly, this is why you see the images of JFK or WWII themes. Typically the packaging is very well done and they usually have certificates and other impressive paperwork.

The value on these is very low - they typically sell for about 25 cents to 50 cents each.

I hope this helps.  

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