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How to remove green spots from penny's but don't destroy the value?

You can try to soak the coin in pure acetone (not nail polish remover). Experiment by leaving it over night and see if spot come off with light cotton swabbing. If the green spot has eaten into the surfaces your coin is already damaged. Some people try soaking in extra virgin olive oil but that could take many months.

Coin and Paper Money Collecting

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I specialize in U.S. three-cent nickels, but also close behind them are U.S. two-cent pieces, three-cent silver, and twenty cent pieces. Also, I have a bit of experience in the area of U.S. Early Proofs (19th century). However, I can possibly assist in most questions regarding U.S. Type coins.


I have read virtually everything I can find in print on the areas of U.S. 2-3-20 cent pieces. I have written articles on three-cent coins and Early Proofs published (or will be published) in Coin World.


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