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Hi Joe,

My mom recently came across some silver dollars that are quite old. The one I am most interested in is from 1894. I saw on the internet that its value can be from $2,000-$50,000 depending on its condition. The one I am speaking of has patina on it a bit and could use some polishing to be made sparkling but is really not in bad shape. Can you advise what it may be worth and how to find a reputable coin appraiser and what their training should have been like? Thanx for you help.


Hi Greg,  don't polish or clean it!  That will destroy the value!

Look on the back of the coin, below the wreath at 6:00.  You are looking for a mintmark.
That tells us where the coin was minted.  You may see an "O" or "S", or nothing.  But it makes a difference in
the value.

Send me a picture of the front and back.    use DOLLAR in the subject.

I will see if I can grade it from the pictures and tell you what it's worth.

Joe Hylas

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