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Hello, I bought a metal detector and ended up digging this out of my back yard near a tree root.  I can't find any information on it all I can say is I live near the Erie Canal in a town called Canastota, Ny.  Thought maybe it would be related.  It almost feels like a brass coin/token but not sure as I am new to this.  Any help is appreciated.
Thank You

Hi Roger,
It looks like it was used as a merchant/trade token. These were sold as generic blanks, and then a merchant could have their information stamped on them to be used. The unfortunate part is when it's only initials and no business name or town, they are known as "mavericks" meaning they can no longer be identified with any sort of historical accuracy.
I wish I could help more, but you can expect many items you dig up to be anonymous like this.

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