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25 kopeks 1839
25 kopeks 1839  
I wonder whether you can help me. I have a 25 kopek 1839 coin with a left slanted reeded edge that has two variants from the standard coin. The first variant is a ‘tail’ added to the right hand side of the letter Π on the reverse, the second variant is a small symbol added under the 5¼ zolotnik weight figure on the obverse. I attach a scan with both these additions as insets. Do these variants have any significance?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Nicolas Travers

Hi Nicolas,
These appear to be either die chips or slag inclusions, both of which are common minor minting errors. Slag inclusions occur when bits of the highly heated metal attach to the surface of the coin right after it is struck. Die chips occur when small pieces on the die surface chip away and metal flows in to fill the spaces during the striking of the coin. It's difficult to tell exactly which one they are from the picture, but neither one makes a difference in the value of this coin.
Thanks for the question! =)

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